How to apply for a place

Starting secondary school can be a daunting time for many. That is why we place great emphasis on ensuring that the transition from primary to secondary education is as smooth as possible.

Visit us

Year 6 pupils are welcome to visit us at any time, and we regularly welcome local primary pupils to the academy for a variety of activities.

Applying for a place

To apply for a place at Royton & Crompton E-ACT Academy, please  click here  to be directed to the Oldham Local Authority  website.

Student admission numbers

The academy has the following agreed admission numbers for the year 2019/2020  subject to any changes approved or required by the Secretary of State for subsequent years:

  • 240 students in Year 7
  • 240 students in Year 8
  • 240 students in Year 9
  • 240 students in Year 10
  • 240 students in Year 11

Admissions Policy 2019-20

The Department for Education appeals code

For the DfE’s admissions appeals code click  here.


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