Pathways Process


The 2021 Key Stage 4 Pathways process is the next exciting step in your child’s educational journey.  


At E-Act Royton and Crompton Academy, we want all our students to leave us with qualifications in high quality subjects and at the highest possible grades. Students differ in their abilities and interests and therefore, we aim to provide a curriculum offer that caters for everyone.


We offer a curriculum which is personalised to meet the needs of each and every student. Students will be provided with a bespoke Pathway based on their current and prior achievement.

There are 3 Pathway routes


Alongside the compulsory, core curriculum, which includes English, Mathematics and Science, students will be able to select additional subjects to study depending on their individualised pathway. This is an opportunity for students to specialise and pick subjects that they enjoy and will help develop the skills they need for the future.


To help in making informed decisions, parents/carers and students should;


  1. Watch the introductory presentation.
  2. View the bespoke Pathways Booklet 2021 (this has been emailed to Year 9 Parents).



An online bespoke Pathway form will also be emailed out to all parents on 2ndMarch where you and your child can make subject selections.


If you would like information or how to contact our Career Advisor, please follow this link:




If you have any questions about the Pathways process or about individual subjects, please contact a member of staff below:


YearLeads                           Mr Dean Ashton  

YearLeads                           Miss Stacey Shearman

AssistantHeadteacher        Dr D Burns          

Art / Photography/Music    MrsP Mulgrew     

Computer Science/iMedia  MrsJPope-Moore  

Dance                                 Mrs L Wild          

Drama                                Mr A Kellett           

Engineering                       Mr A Hughes        

English                              Mrs S Davies        

Geography                        Ms L Taylor           

History                              Mrs H Beveridge    

Maths                                Mrs E Downing      

ReligiousStudies               Mrs S Bloor          

Science                              Mrs C Asiaw-Lodge

Child Care                         Miss E Stirling      

Spanish                             Mrs V Sayer            

Sports Studies/Food         Mr P Robinson        

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