The Academy has a uniform policy in order to prevent some young people from feeling pressured to wear brands or items of clothing that they cannot afford. Our school uniform also helps  our young people to feel a sense of belonging to Royton and Crompton E-ACT Academy.

Our uniform policy must be followed at all times during the academic year. We are proud of our uniform and we expect students to wear it with pride. As students represent the academy whilst wearing it, it is imperative that all student uphold our high uniform standards. We do not negotiate on our principles and our expectations are clearly outlined as follows:

General Standards and expectations:

  • Students may wear a wrist-watch. Smart watches are permitted but mustn’t be used as a method of communication.
  • Earrings – one small stud per ear.  Hooped, Spacers or drop earrings are not permitted.
  • Facial/body piercing – not allowed even when covered.
  • Any makeup worn should be light and discrete.  False eyelashes are not permitted.
  • Hair must be natural in colour and conventional in cut or style.  Patterns shaved into hair, or closely shaved haircuts are not allowed. (Nothing grade 1 or below).  Braids are permitted. Due to Health and Safety, beads are not allowed.
  • Nail vanish or false/acrylic nails are not permitted.
  • Students must not wear rings or bracelets.
  • Parents/Carers should ensure that all items of clothing are labelled with the student’s name.
  • Coats and jackets must not be worn inside the Academy.
  • Hooded tops, sweatshirts and tracksuit tops must not be worn and will be confiscated.
  • Boys should be clean shaven, unless it is a requirement of their religion.
  • Trainer socks, coloured socks and socks with frills or bows attached are not permitted.



  • No baseball caps or similar headgear
  • Girls who choose to wear the head covering, traditionally required for Muslim women’s dress, must wear a plain black headscarf with no decoration or adornment

Navy blue blazer – Available to purchase from Zutti*

An alternative affordable option (if required) is available from Asda on-line. An iron on school badge is available to buy from Zutti*.

Black tailored trousers – Available to purchase from Zutti*or any suppliers which have this stock or similar style. Tight fitting trousers are not permitted.

White shirt – Plain white school shirt with top neck fastening button from any school uniform outlet (not a polo shirt)

Navy Blue Fine knit jumper (optional) – Available to purchase from Zutti*

Tie – Available to purchase from Zutti* Colour/design specific to Year Group.

Socks – Plain white or black if form with a skinny. Plain black if worn with trousers.

Coat – Plain dark coat: no leather, denim jackets or hooded tops. No large emblems or slogans. Non-uniform sweaters, cardigans or shirts are not allowed as coats.

Black shoes – Sensible plain leather or leather look black shoes, less than 2 inch/5cm heels. Black Kickers are permitted. No trainers, platforms, boots, trainer type footwear, canvas or converse footwear of any description is permitted.


uniform requirements


*Zutti Clothing Store – Yorkshire Street, Oldham OL1 3ST




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