Student leadership

Student Leadership 

We firmly believe that Student Leadership and Student Voice are crucial for  the development and improvement of our academy. As a result we encourage all students to be involved, as we truly value their opinions and ideas. As a forward thinking academy we no longer have a Head Boy, Head Girl or prefects. We have replaced these with Executive Leaders, as we truly believe that students should be in post due to their abilities and what they can offer, rather than their gender.

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Executive Leaders

There are several different roles and responsibilities that students can apply for at our academy and as a result they access a access to a number of different opportunities across the year including:

Suggesting new ideas for rewards systems, suggesting new ideas for school visits, ideas for the continuous improvement pupil well being, delivering school campaigns, giving feedback on attendance and providing ideas for rewarding and encouraging good attendance, carrying out polls across the school to gather feedback on various school issues , taking part in fundraising events, supporting community events, supporting Year 6 Transition Evenings, influencing and shaping the development of the school as a community, delivering assemblies, taking part in consultations and taking part in community projects.

In order to be effective and have maximum impact, Student Leadership and Student voice meetings are calendared and work as shown below.


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