At Royton and Crompton we offer excellent extra-curricular opportunities and activities outside the main curriculum.

These activities are an important and exciting feature of academy life and contribute enormously to our students’ social and academic development.

We believe that all of our students should experience success in as many aspects of academy life as possible. Extra-curricular opportunities present another avenue to success.

Each activity allows students to make full use of our state-of-the-art facilities, including Dance studio, 3G sports pitch and technology provision.

We also offer every student the opportunity to complete a bronze level Duke of Edinburgh award that allow students to learn vital skills such as navigating with a map and compass, cooking on a stove and being responsible for carrying and setting up their own camping equipment. It provides a memorable experience every year and is very popular amongst students.

Sports clubs:

  • football, basketball, dance, badminton, handball, cricket, rugby, table tennis and netball

Non sports clubs:

  • Science club, Spanish, STEM, art, history (scholars club), Games club, cooking, CCF, music technology, vocal groups and drama



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