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Introduction / Overview

Very few schools offer this opportunity to their pupils, we are very proud that we do.

On the 4th October 2017 Royton and Crompton with the support of Colonel Harrison signed the Armed Forces Covenant.

Our Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is part of a partnership between the Ministry of Defence and schools. ERACA CCF is affiliated to the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers with a contingent strength of approximately 30 cadets with plans to increase the number to 100 plus by 2025. The CCF draws on various different aspects of military training such as first aid, navigation, marksmanship, field craft, weapon training and drill. The CCF can support cadets to achieve the required standards to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Awards.

Aims of the Unit

The aim of our CCF is to help our young people develop as leaders and to promote qualities of co-operation and teamwork, discipline, resourcefulness, responsibility, independence, endurance and determination.

Section timings and location

The CCF parade every Thursday night for training on the school grounds. The training runs from 3.10pm to 5.10pm.

There will be several weekend activities and exercises throughout the year including annual camp.

Weekly training in the first year will provide a firm military foundation. Cadets will cover weapon training, marksmanship, field-craft, navigation skills, first aid and drill. Cadets follow the Army Proficiency Certificate at Basic and Advanced levels, the Duke of Edinburgh Awards up to Silver and Emergency First Aid certification.

A Pre-Cadet recruitment programme also begins in the summer term of Year 7.

Cadet Unit Staff

Head of Cadets: Deputy Headteacher L Markendale

Contingent Commander: Lt A Nuttall

Army Section Commander: 2Lt R Jones

Cadet Leader – 2Lt Georgie Brooks

Cadet Leader – Under Officer H Marsden

Support Staff Instructor [SSI] – C Sgt Lee Alden

Army Cadet Trainer – Sgt S Jury

Social Impact: CCF Independent Research

Schools have seen significant improvement in attendance and behaviour. They have also see an improvement in attainment, commitment, self-confidence and discipline. Relationships between staff and students have improved. This creates positive benefits in all areas of school life.

University of Northampton has found that joining the cadets offers a range of benefits. The full report can be read in full on the University of Northampton’s website.


All pupils are welcome to attend cadets after school on a Thursday parade. As an academy we are proud to be fully inclusive.

‘If you enjoy adventure training and the outdoors you will have many opportunities to build new skills, abilities and travel home and abroad’.

Lt Nuttall


July 2022



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