Cadet Force


Introduction / Overview

Our Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is part of a partnership between the Ministry of Defence and schools. ERACA CCF is affiliated to the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers with a contingent strength of approximately 30 cadets with plans to increase the number to 100 plus by 2021. Our CCF officers are all committed members of the school staff. The cadet training teams of the regular Forces support our CCF officers and we are able to use service facilities for camps, training weekends, visits and courses. The CCF draws on various different aspects of military training such as first aid, navigation, marksmanship, field craft, weapon training and drill. The CCF can support cadets to achieve the required standards to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Awards.

Aims of the Unit

The aim of our CCF is to help our young people develop as leaders and to promote qualities of co-operation and teamwork, discipline, resourcefulness, responsibility, independence, endurance and determination.

Section timings and location

The CCF parade every Wednesday night for training on the school grounds. The training runs from 2.40pm to 4.30pm.

Recruitment and age requirements

ERACA CCF has the resources to cater for a contingent for up to 100+ cadets. Students from year 8 [13yrs] who attend ERACA School are welcome to apply to be a part of the CCF.

Significant events throughout the year

We believe that all cadets should experience a variety of activities to enrich their experience whilst part of the CCF. Each year our cadets have the opportunity to be part of the annual camp held at a purpose built MOD training camp and participate in other experiences such as Outdoor pursuits, skill at arms events or weekend expeditions. The Cadets will participate in both school and the wider community functions in their duties, such as attending Awards, parents, transition and open evenings. They will also attend Royton and Shaw Cenotaphs on Armistice.

Summer Camp – Warcop: Cumbria

The cadets were put through their paces in an action packed week of challenging pursuits, live firing, training in built up areas (TIBUA), training in Woods and Forests, Platoon attacks, advanced tactics, leadership training and Outdoor Adventure Activities in Ullswater. Cadets were also able to participate in a live firing range day where they fired live rounds from the L98A2 Cadet Rifle and there are plans to use the LSW A2 automatic support weapon on future outings.

Armistice commemorations – Somme: France

23 Cadets from ERACA CCF joined cadets from 13 schools along with ACF cadets from across the country to commemorate Army Cadet Armistice 2018 with a poignant trip to the Somme. This year marks 100 years since the end of WW1, and to honour and commemorate those who fought and died in the war, the Army’s Cadets (ACF and CCF) joined for the single largest event in their history. Over five days, nearly 5,000 young people visited memorials significant to their cap badge at locations across the Somme in northern France, the site of some of the worst fighting in the First World War.

CCF Contingent Commander: 2LT A Nuttall

Colonel Harrison visited Royton and Crompton School on the 4th October in order to sign Royton and Crompton / Armed Forces Covenant.


Armed Forces Covenant



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