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Curriculum Intent

At Royton & Crompton E-Act Academy we are committed to providing an inspirational and inclusive learning environment. Within our  curriculum, we will foster a love of learning, alongside a  culture of high aspiration and achievement.  Through this equality of opportunity we will unlock the potential in all our students and equip them with the values and skills needed for an exciting and successful future.

Together we will achieve excellence. No child left behind’,is at the heart of our approach in providing a curriculum personalised for every child’s needs and ambitions. Our vision is based on the belief that a rich knowledge led curriculum is a vital component of life. In order to prepare our students for an ever changing world, we nurture academic success alongside creativity and imagination throughout the school curriculum. We believe this helps our learners to secure the knowledge, skills and personal qualities they need for future success.

Our knowledge led curriculum is designed to reflect our three core values:

Honesty: We insist on speaking the truth, thinking with sincerity and acting with integrity in everything that we do.

Students will:

  • Take responsibility for their actions.
  • Be loyal, fair, sincere and show respect in all they do.
  • Celebrate Equality & Diversity and value the opinions of others.
  • Have a common moral compass and contribute positively our community.

Excellence:We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not one act, but a habit. We strive to improve through hard work and practice.

Students will:

  • Model excellence, show commitment and resilience, taking personal pride in all they do.
  • Have the willand the desire to succeed.
  • Insist on only the highest of standards of work, commitment and effort.
  • Achieve academic standards of excellence enabling them to excel against any competition locally, nationally and internationally.

Aspiration:We aspire to be an example to others and continue to raise our standards.

Students will:

  • Aim high with a drive to succeed.
  • Embrace barriers/challenges as an opportunity for growth
  • Believe they can achieve and be the best they can be.
  • Be proud of their achievements and the progress they make, and have those achievements celebrated and recorded.
  • Develop positive, secure relationships so that they flourish and have a powerful sense

of their own potential.


To prepare our students for an ever changing world, we will provide a curriculum which aims to:

  • Nurture academic success alongside creativity and imagination throughout the school curriculum.
  • Deliver a breadth of subjects that inspires students to become motivated for lifelong learning.
  • Embed and develop knowledge throughout.
  • Focus on high quality Literacy and Numeracy across the curriculum providing  opportunities for the development of reading,  writing and oracy.
  • Embed and promote community cohesion, SMSC and the Fundamental British Values throughout.
  • Encourage students to develop the ability to question, debate rationally and apply themselves with confidence, thought and persistence.
  • Secure the highest of standards for all of our students.


Curriculum Implementation

Our curriculum at both Key Stage  3 and 4 gives all of our students the opportunity to experience a wide range of exciting and challenging subjects that are designed to challenge our student and give them a thrust for learning.

Key Stage 3 subjects YEAR 7 YEAR 8 YEAR 9
English 5 5 2
Maths 5 5 5
Science 4 4 5
PE 2 2 2
Technology 1 1 1
Art 1 1 1
Music 1 1 1
RE 1 1 -­‐
Computing 1 1 1
PSHCE (During registration) 1 1 1
History 1 2 2
Geography 2 1 2
Spanish 2 2 1
Food 1 1 1
Drama 1 1 1
Literature 0 0 2
*Drama/Music rotate – half year on each)
*DT/Food rotate – 13 weeks each




At Key Stage 4, we offer a wide variety of subjects:

Year 10 and 11

English 5 5
Maths 5 5
Science Dual 4 4
PE 1 2


Year 10 Options

Option A Hours Option B Hours Option C Hours Option D Hours
Art 3 Animal Care 3 Business Studies 2 Child Care 2
Business Studies 3 Art 3 Creative iMedia 2 Creative iMedia 2
Engineering 3 Business Studies 3 Drama 2 Drama 2
Food 3 Child Care 3 Engineering 2 Engineering 2
Geography 3 Creative iMedia 3 Geography 2 Food 2
History 3 Dance 3 Health and Social 2 Geography 2
Health and Social 3 Engineering 3 History 2 Health & Fitness 2
Psychology 3 History 3 Music 2 Health and Social 2
Photography 3 Photography 3 Photography 2 History 2
Triple Science 3 Sociology 3 Physics 2 Music 2
Sports Studies 3 Psychology 2 Religious Studies 2
Triple Science 3 Spanish 2 Sports Studies 2


Please see additional information on the website with regards to how SMSC and Fundamental British Values are clearly embedded within our school, so as to prepare our students to be valued members of the local, national and international communities.



Year 11 Options


Option A Hours Option B Hours Option C Hours
Business Studies 3 Art 3 Art 3
Child Care 3 Creative iMedia 3 Business Studies 3
Creative iMedia 3 Engineering 3 Child Care 3
Dance 3 Food 3 Computing 3
Engineering 3 Geography 3 Drama 3
Geography 3 History 3 Engineering 3
History 3 Photography 3 History 3
Psychology 3 Psychology 3 Psychology 3
Sociology   Sociology 3 Spanish 3
Spanish 3 Sports Studies 3
Sports Studies 3



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