Examination results

Key Stage 4 Results 2018-2019

Provisional Progress 8 score-1.181
Provisional Attainment 8 score3.31
Provisional % of pupils who obtained a standard pass in English & Maths (Grade 4 or above)40.8%
Provisional % of pupils who obtained a strong pass in English & Maths (Grade 5 or above)21.6%
Provisional % of pupils entered for the EBacc. To enter the EBacc, pupils must take up to 8 GCSEs or equivalents, across the 5 subject ‘pillars’ of English language and English literature, maths, sciences, a language and history or geography5.6%
Provisional % of pupils who achieved the English Baccalaureate2.3%
Provisional EBacc APS2.57
Provisional % of pupils who achieved a C/4 or above in GCSEs (or equivalent) in 5 or more subjects, including English & Maths35.2%
Provisional % of pupils in education, employment and training after Year 11 plus 2 terms96%

Students and staff joined together to celebrate the results achieved by the class of 2019 at Royton and Crompton E-ACT Academy. The hard work of students was rewarded by some incredible results. The headline data is outlined in the table above.

Royton and Crompton had a very successful year with a range of subjects.

High achieving subjects include:

Child Care 81% A*-C grades

Dance 100% L2P – D*

Music 100% L2P – D*

Food and Nutrition 91% 4-9 grades (64% 5-9 grades)

Psychology 78% 4-9 grades (50% 5-9 grades)

There were some exceptional individual performances with Khanom Suhana topping the list with nine 7-9 grades (4 at grade 9, 2 at grade 8, 3 at grade 7). Liam Harris achieved eight 7-9 grades (1 at grade 9, 4 at grade 8, 3 at grade 7) with Scott Flanagan achieving 2 at grade 9, 4 at grade 7, 2 at grade 6 and 1 at grade 5. Other students to achieve 7-9 grades were Lia Kiely, Ben Freer, Millie Marsden, Muhammad Arman and Joseph Dean.

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