Careers programme information

Academy Careers Team: 

Careers Advisor – Positive Steps.

Rahela Begum – Positive Steps  Careers Advisor

  • Cathryn Bale – Assistant Head teacher/Careers Lead

  • Sarah Bloor – Careers Co-Ordinator

All can be contacted on 01706 846474.

Ethos and Aims of Careers at Royton & Crompton E-ACT Academy

At  Royton & Crompton E-ACT Academy we aim to raise aspirations, challenge stereotypes and encourage students to consider a wide range of careers by encouraging our students to:

  • Think for themselves.
  • Develop the necessary skills to make a successful transition from school and contribute with confidence to an increasingly competitive and technological world.
  • Discover a passion for lifelong learning.
  • Develop a broad understanding of the world of work, and thriving on the many enriching opportunities available in a happy and caring environment.


Royton & Crompton E-ACT Academy aims to:

  • Provide secure, independent and impartial Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance to all students in all Year groups using a combination of internal and external providers.
  • Support and encourage the enhancement f the curriculum by adding vocational relevance and interest of all students.
  • Provide a clear view of the labour market and identify opportunities for all students and how this may impact on future changes.
  • Support student to fulfil their individual potential.
  • Promote the value of aspiring to careers via alternative pathways such as Post-16 College study and employment opportunities, plus apprenticeships at all levels
  • Promote the value of aspiring to and attending University.
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Through careers education and guidance it is hoped that students will be encouraged to make the most of their talents and go on to jobs or courses which suit their needs, strengths  and intelligence with the absence of stereotypes.

These aims will allow us to improve our careers provision, ensure that staff link learning to careers and skills plus provide direction and advice on ways that students can prepare themselves for their future occupations and meet the Gatsby Benchmarks by 2020.

At Royton & Crompton E-Act Academy, this is what you can expect the careers programme to look like, based around the government’s Gatsby Benchmarks:

1. Learning from career and labour market information· All year groups- well stocked careers area of the library, access to software.
· Year 10/11- every student is offered 1:1 Careers interview with an independent CEIAG advisor.
· Year 10/11 assembly/careers programme presentations from external providers.
· Years 7-11 Careers Fair
2. Addressing the needs of each pupilProvides additional careers guidance to vulnerable students, disadvantaged and special educational need students.
· Destination data monitored by the Careers Lead.
· Year 7 Life Skills (PSHE): How can I plan for my future? What skills and attributes are needed for different career paths?
· Year 8 Life Skills (PSHE): How can I plan for my future? Exploring the changing job market.
· Year 9 Life Skills (PSHE): use of research.
· Year 10 Life Skills (PSHE): Creating a CV and personal statement.
· Year 11: A series of presentations conducted by a variety of local colleges and providers outlining and explaining the variety of courses and pathways available post 16 including apprenticeships. Completion of application forms with help and support where needed to apply for courses.
3. Linking curriculum with careers· Links to careers within subject lessons
· Options assemblies, evening and documentation.
4. Encounters with employers and employees· Year 11 PSHE/Assembly programme presentations from a range of external providers
· Year 7-11 Annual careers Fair · Year 8 visit to a local college.
· Year 9 and 10 Brilliant Club- visits to university.
· Year 9/10 Visit to University
· Year 10/11 mock interviews
· Year 10 College Taster Days at Oldham Sixth Form, Oldham College and Hopwood Hall.
5. Experiences of workplaces· Year 7/8 Changing Horizons Networking with Industry
· Year 10 Engineering visits and work experience placements.
6. Encounters with further and higher education· Year 11 assembly programme presentations from external providers
· Year 7-11 Careers Fair
· Year 9-11 Post 16 Information Evening
· Year 10 College Taster days
· University visits (variable) arranged for student groups depending on availability/opportunity.
· Year 11 National Citizenship Service
7. Personal guidance· Year 10/11 Mock interviews with business partners
· On line careers matching programmes
· Year 9 Options evening
· Year 10/11 individual careers guidance with independent carers advisor.





Students, parents and employers can access further information about the careers programme, by reading the Careers Policy on the website and by looking at the careers plan.

Technical Education and Apprenticeships

Year 8-11 will be introduced to providers of technical education and apprenticeships during Life Skills (PSHCE) lessons.

Year 11 students will have the opportunity to discuss this further with their 1:1 careers sessions.

We work closely with local apprenticeship providers to give our students first-hand experience of what it is like to engage in an apprenticeship.


  •  If you are an apprenticeship provider and would like to work with the school, please contact one of the careers team above,How we measure and assess the impact of the careers programme:
    • Destination measures:
    • Lesson Observations and Learning Walks.
    • Student, parent and staff voice.
    • Feedback from visiting partners after an event
    • External accreditation

    At Royton & Crompton E-ACT Academy we hope that students and parents follow this link to consider their educational career and journeys. UsefulWebsites

    External Providers

    Please find information on our Provider Access Statement on how to come into school to talk to students about your service.


    Measuring Impact and Review

    The CEIAG team at Royton and Crompton E-ACT Academy are committed to continuing to maintain and develop a high quality of CEIAG provision.  This is monitored via regular impact reports including staff, student and provider feedback.  The next review date is December 2023.

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