Our E-ACT Ambassadors

Our E-ACT Ambassador team is made up of parents and community members who share a great passion for supporting and working with our academy.

Led by a chairperson, each team of E-ACT Ambassadors meets a minimum of once per term and has at least two parent ambassadors. The ambassadors work closely with headteachers and are supported by our regional directors and trustees. The role of the ambassadors is to collaborate and communicate with the local community and to celebrate our students’ achievements and the work of our academies.

Ambassadors play a crucial role in helping our leadership teams to deliver our organisational strategy, Opening Minds, Opening Doors. On occasion, ambassadors may also be invited to sit on complaint hearings and hearings for permanent exclusions.

The three strategic priorities that our academy ambassadors are working on this year are:

• Improving community links.

• Improving academy perception.

• Improving literacy.

For more information, please see the E-ACT Ambassador Charter

Ambassador charter 2020-2021

Other important documents on the trust website include:

• Member and trustee register and declared interests

• E-ACT’s Scheme of Delegation

• Annual Report

• Articles of Association

• Master Funding Agreement

All of these documents can be found by clicking here.


Our E-ACT Ambassadors


Martin Vose Martin Vose E-ACT Ambassadors Chair
Martin Vose Martin Vose E-ACT Ambassadors Chair
Helen Child Helen Child E-ACT Ambassadors Member
Helen Child Helen Child E-ACT Ambassadors Member
Beverley O'Neill Beverley O'Neill E-ACT Ambassadors Member

My name is Beverley O’Neill and I have been the Head Teacher at Blackshaw Primary and Nursery School since January 2016. Prior to this I was the Deputy Head Teacher at Royton Hall Primary School for 5 years. I have always taught in the Primary sector in Oldham and very believe that Oldham children deserve the very best education we can offer them. As an Oldham head teacher I also have a number of collaborative roles such as this one and see the need to work with our local partners to ensure that we are challenging and supporting each other to achieve this aspiration. I have two teenage children who have been served very well by Oldham schools. whilst they were primary school age I was able to see how great education helped them to grow and learn. As they have moved through secondary school I can now appreciate how the wider aspects of their schooling that goes far beyond the national curriculum offer has guided them to become well rounded and successful people ready to achieve whatever they set their minds to. I would like to use these experiences as an AAG member to help this school provide the best education and preparation for life it possibly can.

Bev O’Neill

Head Teacher

Blackshaw Lane Primary School

Salma Mahmood Salma Mahmood E-ACT Ambassadors Member

I am a mother of 3 children and a hard working individual. Having been working for the DWP I have been actively involved in different projects. I am extremely passionate about the development of myself and others Over my working career I have perfected the ability to build rapport to effectively work alongside individuals from all walks of life volunteered to support the recent Changing Horizons event at Oldham collaboration between departments, schools, local authorities and employers, to raise aspirations and inspire pupils; focusing on future careers and education available to them, irrespective of their background

Anthony Lawrence Anthony Lawrence E-ACT Ambassadors Member

I currently have one child at the school who is in year 8 and In September 2019 my second child will be attending the school. I strongly believe that with the help and cooperation of the parents we can help to make E-ACT Royton and Crompton a great place to learn and inspire the pupils of today. The school can only do so much that’s why I believe pupil and parental input is invaluable for the school to achieve its aims and goals.

Vicky Sinfield Vicky Sinfield E-ACT Ambassadors Member (LGBT link)

I am a former pupil of Royton and Crompton, I am now a Hub Manager for Greater Manchester Higher, we are a partnership of higher education providers in Greater Manchester who are working together to raise the ambitions of young people and the awareness of higher education through delivering activities that provide impartial information, advice and guidance.

Jane Waterhouse Jane Waterhouse E-ACT Ambassadors Member
Jane Waterhouse Jane Waterhouse E-ACT Ambassadors Member
Dr David Burns Dr David Burns E-ACT Ambassadors Member
Dr David Burns Dr David Burns E-ACT Ambassadors Member
Mrs Amanda Jacob Mrs Amanda Jacob E-ACT Ambassadors Member
Mrs Amanda Jacob Mrs Amanda Jacob E-ACT Ambassadors Member
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