First Aid Team

Part of my role is to make sure that any student who has a medical need is supported. An Individual Healthcare Plan can be put in place to help support the student whilst they are at the academy, making sure that all relevant staff are aware of what support to provide for the student. I put the Individual Healthcare Plan together with parents, NHS nurses and other professionals if required; ensuring the student is supported at all times.


It is also part of role to oversee risk assessments. This could be a temporary one due to an accident and the student having difficulties in moving around the academy, or they could have a disability and require assistance during an emergency evacuation.

I work closely with both Asthma and Diabetes UK to ensure that our students have all the up-to-date information and support required.

Individual Health Care Plan Lead (iHCP) Mrs J Sergeant



Supporting Students with Medical Needs Policy

supporting students at school with medical conditions

school asthma card form

parent consent for non prescribed medicines

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