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At E-ACT, Civic Leadership means bringing together our local community, organisations and businesses to promote a shared social equality as well as providing a wide range of integrated services, cultural richness and greater opportunities for all.

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How we cerated our Community Hub

Everyone came together as a community and worked hard to transform the additional building, just outside of the main gates, into a welcoming Community Hub for all. We decorated, organised and made space for activities and soon started opening our doors to offer our services.


Our 5 areas

We cover 5 areas within our Community Hub events, these are:

  • Education
  • Cultural Capital
  • Community Cohesion
  • Enrichment Opportunity & Personal Development
  • Health & Well-Being

Under each of these areas, we work with specific charities and teams of people to host a wide range of events and workshops that will help our community flourish and reduce or get rid of anxieties of everyday life.






















Where we are located, there are also other hubs and services within the area which offer a safe space for different ages. You can click the button below to see a map of some we have found.

The Community Hub Map


Our links in the community

Below is a little bit of information about the charities and links we work with for our Community Hub events.


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